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About Us

“Light That Disinfects”
Delta Ultraviolet Corporation is the leading manufacture and marketing firm of UV-C technology in North AmericaNew-Bio-UV-DeltaUV-Entrance_HD_72_dpi.
Founded in 1999, the company has developed complete range of UV systems worldwide, providing water treatment solutions to fill the needs of every pool and spa.
We strive to improve our applications and move on the cutting edge of UV-C technologies promoting green alternative and preventing health causing problems. Our innovative technology promises to step change performance improvements in efficiency and scalability by providing high standard of products and services.
“Safer for you, Better for the environment”, Delta UV strongly believes in conserving environment and values your health safety. Our UV technology is easy to use, innovative, fast, environment friendly and highly efficient light disinfecting method for water treatment fulfill our ultimate obligation to provide quality and reliability to meet the strictest requirements and deliver the best possible results, at the same time preserving nature.
OUR PARENT COMPANY:biouv-logo_72_dpi_RGB
Our parent company BIO-UV is a leading manufacturer of ultraviolet water treatment equipment for private and public swimming pool and spa market. Founded in May 2000, the production sites ranges from Lunel (France) and Los Angeles (USA), BIO-UV Group designs, manufactures and markets ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection systems and concepts.
BIO-UV is the world leader in sanitation and dechloramination of community pools with more than 1,500 medium pressure systems installed in the last 10 years. When BIO-UV purchased Delta UV in 2006, the idea was to exchanged know-how and products in order to provide complete solution for the pool and spa industry from 4 gpm up to 4,000 gpm, with NSF 50 certified application, and cryptosporidium evaluated units.
The management’s experience in the field of medical equipment, water treatment and engineering enables BIO-UV to provide state-of-the-art solutions in UV technology, thanks to the use of the finest materials and leading edge technology in UV-C.