DeltaUV Commercial | UV Systems
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UV Systems

Easy to install and simple to operate Delta UV offers a full range of UV units to fit any sized commercial or semi-commmercial aquatic facility.

Low Pressure Amalgam:


The ELP Series AM—

uses a low-pressure amalgam

AMALGAM UV-C lamp technology which

allows a higher power in the lamp and better

performance in relation to flow treatment.

The ELP AM Series is a perfect fit

for flow rate from 250gpm up to 2,500gpm

for all types of commercial pools. The

sizing of the lamps is perfectly suited to

retro-fit applications where spacing or

sizing is an issue.

ELP AM Series

Low Pressure:

ELP SERIES: ELP Series is an NSF-50 certified,

low-pressure UV unit designed specifically

to sanitize commercial aquatic facility water while

removing chloramines from commercial aquatic

facilities. The ELP Series eradicates Cryptosporidium,

Giardia and other harmful pool and spa

water contaminants and chlorine by-products. Designed

to improve both water and air quality while

reducing chemical usage. Ideal for indoor facilities

by improving the experience for bathers


EL LITE SERIES for semi-commercial pools:

The EL LITE units were created to meet the

needs of semi-commercial pools, especially

those found in hotel, motel, HOA and fitness

facilities. These affordable units are for those

pools which do not require NSF certification.

The EL LITE unit is designed to eradicate

micro-organisms and will simultaneously

remove chloramines to improve air quality

around the pool.

EL Lite_Blue glow

Medium Pressure:

EM SERIES: Commercial aquatic facilities with high bather

loads and high flow rates, require large Clean Light Technology

units with approved NSF certification to ensure compliance by

local regulatory bodies. Many states now even require UV units

on pools as an added layer of safety for commercial water. Not

only will the Delta UV units eradicate viruses such as E.Coli,

Cryptosporidium and Giardia, but the unit will also ensure water

is clearer and air quality for swimmers is improved