DeltaUV Commercial | CFD & Benefits
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CFD & Benefits

CFD (computational fluid dynamic) is key to design commercial and semi-commercial UV systems.

Delta UV offers incomparable systems, result of usage of advanced tools and a long experience in the field in association with universities and researchers.
Thanks to Delta UV R&D team, we offer UV systems with:

  • Continuous treatment, immediate disinfection and dechloramination
  • Effective and safe disinfection thanks to the design of the units and validation through advanced tools and software
  • Significant reduction in combined chlorines (especially the trichloramines)

You will experience:

  • Better environment for your patrons and a better image for the establishment
  • Improvement of the ambient air quality for bathers and personnel to the benefit of their health
  • Greater comfort: no smell of chlorine
  • Improvement of the bathing quality by a reduction of chlorinated by-products in water and air (responsible for irritations of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes, etc…)
  • Significant savings in water renewal, chemicals, labor costs,
  • Optimization of heating and dehumidification costs

Ask us?

  • Why it pays for itself in 9 to 36 months
  • How it is simple and quick to install
  • How it is simple to maintain
  • Why it reduce corrosion