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Welcome to Delta UV for Commercial applications! We offer a complete range of UV technologies for Commercial Aquatic use.

Today, most Commercial pools or spas are treated with chlorinated products and require a secondary sanitation system. The halogens are good oxidizers but have been known to generate harmful by-products such as chloramines. These by-products are an irritant and can cause red-eyes, as well as being corrosive and smelly (the bad odor of chlorine). They may also be harmful to public health leading to various respiratory illnesses experienced by lifeguards, baby swimmers and competitive swimmers.

We, at Delta UV, provide the most advanced UV-C technology available for the eradication of micro-organisms and chloramine removal. As one of the world leaders in ultraviolet sanitation solutions, we offer a full product line of NSF-50 certified products for your Aquatic application [institutional pools such as municipalities, high school, Jr high school, universities, colleges, YMCA’s, Community Centers, water parks, private schools and military, and as well spas, therapy pools, health clubs, wellness centers, and swim clubs and schools].

Our EM series, with the medium pressure bulbs, will help:

  • With the reduction of chloramines for indoor Pools and Spas
  • Continually treat and disinfect the water flowing through the UV Light Chamber
  • Render 99.99% of water-borne micro-organisms harmless
  • UV-C rays provide the most effective and safe sanitation technologically available
  • Leave a smaller footprint as UV technology is Environmentally friendly
  • Improve water and air quality for bather comfort and safety
  • Meet US and local standards since Delta-UV enjoys NSF-50 Certification
  • Meet International standards with our Cryptosporidium tested units

Delta UV has long standing experience in Commercial Pool UV treatment using medium pressure bulb technology. Delta UV’s EM series is designed for high flow rates from 100gpm up to 4,000gpm as standard build units for almost all Aquatic applications. A perfect fit for indoor community pools, the medium pressure UV system will offer an incomparable environment for your patrons providing them with clean and safe water.

Compared to a “traditional” chemical sanitation process, you should find savings on your water bill, chemical bill, and in general on all the maintenance necessary to combat the effect of chloramines. By lowering the water renewal, the use of chemicals and the energy to reheat the water the UV Sanitation will improve your water footprint for the benefits of the new and future generation.

The EM series meets or exceeds the standard requirements and provides the highest level of disinfection efficiency for “Crypto”, Giardia and Toxoplasma. UV-C are also well known as ensuring the removal of chloramines before they form.

Your EM units will provide:

  • A significant reduction in combined chlorine (chloramines) in order to achieve a level under 0.6 (depending on pool maintenance and number of swimmers, etc.)
  • The EM range delivers the appropriate UVB-C Dose at the end of the lamp’s life assuring optimum dechloramination and disinfection efficiencies
  • Average lamp life from 6,000 up to 8,000 hours (depending on on/off cycles)
  • CFD design to ensure the best efficiency for high flow rates
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Automatic wiper when required
  • All the bells and whistles: UV-C sensor, flow control, temperature sensor, within the electrical box and the UV chamber, audible alarm for efficient alerts
  • High power medium-pressure lamps for optimal wavelength efficiency against trichloramines
  • UV Chamber made from micro-polished, passivized 316 L stainless steel (coating option for highly corrosive environments)
  • 25-50% savings in water renewal costs
  • In many instances, it pays for itself in 9 to 36 months
  • The use of electronic ballasts provides significant savings in electrical consumption
  • More comfort for the users and patrons generates a better image for your facility
  • More environmentally friendly: Safer for you, Better for the Environment