DeltaUV Commercial | ELP Series in HDPE
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ELP Series in HDPE

Introducing the “NEW” HDPE Low-Pressure Ultraviolet Sanitizer:

The ELP Series in HDPE is now NSF-50

HDPE-High Density Polyethylene material is the base for the new Delta commercial product line:

  1. Unlike plastic pipe, schedule 80 type, HDPE is fused or welded together not glued, almost completely removing the possibility of leaky joints
  2. Corrosion resistant and will not support biological growth
  3. Totally chemical resistant, even in salt pools and very corrosive environments
  4. Flexible, fatigue resistant and UV protected material
  5. Cost effective, long term, permanent service life (50-100 years)
  6. Electronic 108-120V system, 87W multiple bulb systems and they are very energy efficient
  7. HDPE is commonly recycled with a #2

The ELP Series in HDPE is a perfect fit for small flow rate from 50 gpm up to 400gpm and pools such as Hotel, Motel, HOA, Health establishment, Condominium pools.

The ELP Series offers bacteriological control results that exceed the standard requirements and provide the highest level of disinfection and dechloramintion efficiency.