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Aquatic Playgrounds
Also known as Splash pads, spray-grounds, urban beaches. Recently many aquatic play-grounds are designed to appeal to people of all ages. UV-C Clean Light Technology from DeltaUV is a good way of eliminating water-borne pathogens before the water is chlorinated and sprayed.


Water Features and Fountains

A water feature can be indoors or outdoors and almost any size. They can range from a desk top water fountain to indoor waterfalls covering entire walls in a large building. The feature is water and, as it circulates through its reservoir, it needs to be treated. UV-C Clean Light Technology has a lot of advantages to sanitizing water and one of them is that it impedes how chloramines form thereby getting rid of chlorine odors.


Water Parks and Aquatic Venues

This is an Industry unto itself encompassing the myriad of water features described here. It is much more than just amusement parks with water. Water parks are stand-alone attractions in, or part of, a Resort. They are more and more imaginative and appealing to all age-groups and feature various ways of entertaining water features. Water parks have grown in popularity since the late 1940s and represent a growing Export market. The United States has the largest and most concentrated water park market, with over a thousand existing water parks and new parks opening each year. With big-time attractions, there are the big-time bather loads, and, here again, DeltaUV can offer solutions for treating large volumes of water through our UV-C Medium-Pressure Light Chambers.


Health Clubs and Therapy Pools

Pools that may be used for therapeutic reasons are basically using warmer water and this tends to breed more micro-organisms. UV-C technology is very effective at treating warm water as it not really affected by what the water is. As long as the water is clear, factors such as pH, and temperature do not alter how Clean Light Technology works. And since UV-C is not adding anything to the water that might create an imbalance, it is a very effective way to disinfect warm water. DeltaUV can offer UV-C solutions.